Got Dry Itchy Skin Patches? Winter Dry Skin Tips

Got Dry Itchy Skin Patches? Winter Dry Skin Tips

For dry itchy skin patches, Dr. Haabala's remarkable Heal Stick is RAW. Natural. Hand-made. Goodness.

It’s that time of year again, and winter is giving its wonderful gift of dry skin. From head to toe, it’s easy for our body to be exposed to cold air causing chapped discomfort for everyone in the family.

Hi there, I’m Dr. Kristen Haabala, the creator of Raw. Natural Products. I want to share with you today about my healing salve I created called Heal.  As the name would suggest, I designed this product to promote healing in your skin. The wonderful thing about Heal is it’s good for all different types of skin conditions. That's because it’s designed to support your skin’s ability to heal itself.

What skin conditions are affected?

With all-natural oils, anti-inflammatory herbs, Heal allows your body to get control of the skin condition that is occurring and promote healing. I’ve used this product in my practice with countless patients. It’s been clinically proven, for me and my patients, to help with all kinds of conditions from head to toe ranging from Psoriasis on the scalp, dry skin patches on face, chapped lips, acne, scars, any type of burns on your skin, whether it’s a sunburn or a burn that might have happened at home in your kitchen!

Heal skin care products

It also helps with dry itchy skin patches and any rashes, insect bites and stings, damaged, cracked skin on your heels.

For moms who are coming in with little ones, rash on baby face, and toddlers Heal is a great solution for toddler eczema. If there is any skin rash that pops up, you can put Heal directly on it and it'll help soothe and calm any itching. Heal is also great for babies when they are teething as they begin to drool and develop a drool rash around their mouth, you can very easily apply Heal and it will clear right up — sometimes even overnight. I’ve seen it happen quite a bit!

This rash on a baby face went away in 1 day!

Chapped skin cleared up with just ONE application of Heal before bed… totally gone by morning ... 

Heal stick results

 Really, the most wonderful thing about this product, is it’s so safe, so natural, and you can apply it anywhere from head to toe. It will help your skin to heal itself.

To help heal your dry itchy skin patches, head on over to this special "Heal" page where you can try the Heal Stick or 2 oz Jar & discover the special treat I have for you there!

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