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Raw 40 Supplements

Raw 40 Supplements

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Superfoods Flavor
Detox Powder Flavor
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Every Supplement you will need for the Raw40 guided wellness program ( you MUST still add enrollment if you have not already done so)

(You MUST be a registered participant to order supplies....)

Dr. Kristen & Nurse Cadi have teamed up to help you crush your health and wellness goals, naturally of course! 🌱💪🏼

🌿 Sign up to participate in Raw40, 40 days of wellness. The first 10 days will consist of Raw’s 10 Day Group Detox and the remaining 30 days will be focused on consistent supplementing, healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

🌿 Online education and support
🌿 Includes classes with Dr. Kristen & Consultations with Nurse Cadi!

Products included:

- Essentials Multivitamins  (choose with or without iron)



-Fuel (3 Total containers--- PLEASE make an ADDITIONAL note in your order of how many vanilla and how many chocolate--) 

-Superfoods (choose Berry, Strawberry Kiwi or Chocolate)

-Detox Powder (Choose Vanilla or Chocolate)

-Detox Capsules