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Raw Rugged Scents.

Raw Rugged Scents.

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Roll on. Smell Rugged Fresh. 

Pick the scent that you are drawn to and has the mood altering properties you love the most. Roll on. Go out and be a good human. 

Happy Hippy: A very earthy blend that helps to bring about a sense of calm and happiness. With a hint of patchouli oil, this blend is sure to bring out the inner hippy in you. 


Norseman: This is a blend created to help awaken your senses and promote mental clarity.  Like walking outside on a MN winter morning, the eucalyptus and rosemary in this blend will leave you wise and alert like a true Norseman. 


Burly:  This is a soft cedarwood blend that is very grounding to help bring about a sense of inner wellbeing and brings out your all around manliness, as the name would suggest.   


Woodsman:  Filled with refreshing north woods scents like pine, fir, and cedar.... add in a hint of scotch and this scent is sure to make you feel like a true woodsman.