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Jade Roller

Jade Roller

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Roll. Relax. Smooth.

This all natural Raw Jade Roller is the perfect addition to your facial skincare regimen!  Use after your Renew Serum to help drive the powerful natural medicines into your skin for an even more dramatic skin change.  Massage the roller all over your face and neck to help relax facial muscles for smoothing and prevention of fine lines and wrinkles.  Use the roller in the morning too for help in decreasing facial puffiness and undereye inflammation (keep in fridge for more powerful results).  It's also great for headaches and TMJ pain!  (You will receive an instructional card with each jade roller purchase to teach you proper techniques)


-helps smooth out + prevent fine lines and wrinkles

-helps to reduce puffiness + inflammation in the face

-helps to increase absorption of serum

-reducing the appearance of under eye circles (especially if your roller is cold)

-stimulating the lymphatic system and blood circulation

-brightening complexion

-tightening pores

-helps to decrease headaches and TMJ