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Happy, Healthy Mama and Baby!

Expecting is a specially formulated high quality vitamin and mineral supplement designed to support healthy baby development by providing essential nutrients during pregnancy.

Pregnancy represents a time of great physiological change in a woman’s body, and Nutritional requirements change too. Vitamin and mineral needs increase substantially in order to develop and grow a healthy baby. A high quality vitamin and mineral supplement such as Expecting can help a mother-to-be sustain her own health during pregnancy and minimize certain risks during the growth and development of the baby and later in life.

The benefits of Expecting  supplementation may include:

• Support overall health and well-being during preconception, pregnancy, and nursing
• Support overall health and well-being for fetal development and the baby
• Promote a healthy gut microbiota
• Support balanced mood


Suggested Use: Take 6 capsules a day with food before, during and after pregnancy for optimal baby and mama support! (Or as directed by your healthcare practitioner)