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Cleanse Gourmet Fresh Bath Products

Cleanse Gourmet Shower Steamers


Aromatherapy Diffusion in your shower! These shower steamers are vegan, cruelty free, and don't contain any synthetic dyes. They are natural and organic, and can double as a bath tablet. Wet to activate and place on the shelf of your shower near your face to diffuse or for a light diffusion, place on the floor of the shower. Comes in a clear standup pouch with 2 steamers.

  • Pure Energy:  Organic Eucalyptus + Organic Peppermint essential oils/epsom salts/baking soda/citric acid/dried seeded eucalyptus. Relieve stress/clear your respiratory tract/rejuvenate your spirit.
  • Mood: peruvian pepperberry + bulgarian rose + organic peppermint Euphoric boosting blend will put you in the best mood. Epsom salts + baking soda + witch hazel + pink rose clay + pepperberry + rose + peppermint + dried botanicals.
  • I Dream in Flowers (Sleep):  These beautiful sleep steamers are blended with Vanilla + Lavender + dried bespoke botanicals to sooth + calm + relax. 
  • Pure Wellness: Organic Lavender + Organic Peppermint Essential oil diffuse to calm, uplift and regenerate your soul. Dyes epsom salts/citric acid/baking soda 
  • Invigorate: Intense citrus + eucalyptus + organic peppermint Invigorate your mind + body + spirit with this blend of blood orange + lemon + pink grapefruit + eucalyptus + peppermint essential oil and blood orange dried botanicals.
  • Flora&Fern: A serene infusion of organic essential oils ylang ylang + fern + rosemary + peppermint + bergamot + lavender + orange blossom. Light blush color topped with dried light pink flowers + fern dyed with french rose clay.

Made in United States of America

ALL NATURAL - not made by us but equally as amazing!