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Raw & Co. Natural Products

20 Reusable Bamboo Velour Rounds


Reusable makeup remover pads help reduce the use of single-use cotton balls and plastic packaging waste. They help to save a lot of money in the long run! Can be used to remove makeup and apply skin care products. Toss them in the cotton mesh bag after use and wash with your laundry.

Recommended to wash in cold water and air dry. BAMBOO VELOUR ROUNDS are made with three layers of bamboo (60%) + cotton (20%) + velour (20%) fabric. They are extra soft to the touch and are made for those with sensitive skin needing extra care.

However, velour fabric is made with polyester and therefore this product is not as eco friendly as our Bamboo Cotton Makeup Remover Pads. We decided to offer this option so those with sensitive skin can also benefit from a reusable substitute that will serve them a long time.

One set includes 20 bamboo velour rounds and 1 cotton mesh wash bag.

Each round is 3.35 '' in diameter.

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